Webmaster! Join to Noo System and Earn Money.

1. Why should I join Noo International Prepaid Card System?
There are numerous reasons, but what really matters is that you have now a genuine alternative method of generating more traffic and income for your site. Noo may be new and at its infancy but just with everything, the webmasters who would join us today will always have a special place in our organization. It is our intensions to give back more to those webmasters who have joined us at our beginning. Our gratitude will be expressed in forms like extra units, discounts and special promotion of their sites. We can spend hours of writing out what your benefits are, but we will spare you the hours of reading. Simply join and find out for yourself.

2. How does it differ from the various other programs out there for Webmasters?
A very good question and a difficult one to answer! Difficult in the sense that how can we prove to you that you will gain more from us although your share will be less from what other affiliate programs offer! Yes! Less! Let me try to explain what we are all about. Apart from being genuine in what we are offering to the public; an alternative secure and anonymous purchasing power on the net, we are in reality offering the webmaster a whole distribution channel of retail outlets and salesmen. Yes salesmen! We are not reinventing the wheel here do not get us wrong. All we are doing is utilizing the marketing that works for products like the International calling card, that has generated millions of dollars for all those involved and made companies like AT&T bigger and more powerful. Imagine if you could have your own printed card with your site written all over it and sold worldwide, with the lowest possible cost to you! NOTHING! What brand recognition this would be for you. What a traffic generator this would be for you. Well, we have some news for you; with Noo you can achieve just that. We have special programs where you can get our years of research and development and put our system to work for you. With no extra cost in printing or developing the system since this is given to you for FREE by us. All you have to do is to distribute the cards in your area. Not only you will get paid when a user visits your site, but also get paid for selling the cards at retail outlets.

3. Now what happens here?
Apart from our retail channels already in place and growing, you will have other webmasters who will distribute their cards in their area. What does this mean, since a user buys the Noo card to spend, he has access to all of our sites to visit and spend his units, and this automatically creates a captured audience! We would personally prefer to have 1 unit paid to us from 10,000,000 cards sold than get 60% from one or two sales made through other affiliate programs. Don't forget that 1 unit equals to 1 US cent. This means that I will make $100,000. Now ask yourself this question. How many 60% share of sales must I do to get $100,000 and in what time frame? I am sure you are getting the concept by now and can see the advantages you have by joining with us.

4. Do I have to join with one of your Special Programs?
No. If you opt to not get your tailor made cards, that's OK too! You will still be given the opportunity to resell cards in your area if you wish. If that is not what you would want to do that's OK too! Just sit back and watch the units being credited to your account.

5. Do I have to sell my membership at prices you specify?
No. You can put a price that you feel will attract the user. All you have to do is just enter the amount and the period of time this amount is associated. We recommend you add amounts referring to 30-day access. For example, if you input $30 for 30-day access, this equates to 3000 units for that user to enter into your site and spend a whole month of viewing your content!

6. What will be my share?
By joining and accepting to get paid through Noo system, you will get 10% of the value of units you have specified when joining. For example, you entered $30 for 30-day access. This equates to 3000 units. The 10% of the 3000 units; 300 units will be credited to your account.

7. How can I get a bigger share?
That's the beauty of our system. By distributing the cards in your area you can increase your share. You can end up getting 60% of the value of the Card! And don't forget, when you distribute the cards, you are getting paid in advance. Cash in your pocket.

8. How can I now who has visited and how much units he has spend in my site?
By clicking onto the Accounts button, you will be prompted to enter your email and password. Once you have done that you will get live detailed statistics on all your visits, with time frames and the exact units credited to your account.

Well, this is your chance to be part of a new powerful internet payment revolution! There are no hidden surprises and you have nothing to loose! On the contrary, you have much to gain. Join today and be the first in your area to offer Noo Cards! Capitalize now on this unique opportunity! Feel free to contact us today and we will have one of our representatives explain any of your queries.

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